About us

WORENCO INTERNATIONAL is a romanian company that operates in the European community in the transport sector and the management of human resources.

After the entry of Romania into the European Community , January 1, 2007 , being allowed to obtain authorization from the Ministry of Labour to work under temporary administration , was born in 2013  ” WORENCO ” including a collaboration with an Italian company with more than 44 years of experience “Gatti Filastro Srl. ” to provide staff from Romania on the Italian and European markets .

Temporary work has become one of the most used and important methods of use of the labor force in the world. The main causes are the activities fluctuating with seasonal in nature , which require temporary employees .Many companies choose temporary employment agencies for skilled labor for various projects. WORENCO INTERNATIONAL SRL arrives in support of these demands of the labor market .

The nature of our business, we are the ideal partner for all the companies looking for employees because you save time and money and you have workers for your needs and expectations.

Our main objective is to contribute to the success of our partners.

We currently work with over 100 employees in Italy and Romania.