•  Financial flexibility without administrative involvement and loss of time
  •  Reduce costs with personnel management
  •  Multiple possibilities of recruitment and selection of staff , having a various data base
  •  Fast access to labor rigorously selected , in accordance with peculiarities of your projects
  •  Registration and management of staff
  •  Evaluation of staff ( texts theoretical, practical and psychological )
  •  Protection of work and medical work
  •  Competitive prices and negotiable tailored to each customer

The temporary worker works under the direct management and coordination of the user company.

  •  We carry out the recruitment and selection of staff
  •  We find employees according to your needs
  •  Organize their arrival at your company
  •  We are responsible for the recruitment and management of staff
  •  We guarantee the monitoring of the personnel in the company
  •  We offer advice throughout the period of the collaboration