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Temporary work has become one of the most used and important methods of use of the labor force in the world. The main causes are the fluctuating activity, with a seasonal basis, who need temporary employees. Many companies choose temporary employment agencies for skilled manpower for various projects and reduced costs.
WORENCO INTERNATIONAL SRL arrives in support of these demands of the labor market.
We are the ideal partner for all companies looking for employees because you save time and money and you have employees for your needs and expectations.


Do you need staff?
Do you want to outsource recruitment?
Using fast and efficient methods, we deal with the recruitment process to select the best candidates for your needs.
Our agency has a complex and diverse database in any field.

You have already chosen you person or even organize you the recruitment?

Our team ensures full file management job making legal procedures: employment contract, declarations of detachment, payment of wages, social contributions and medical insurance.


Companies who use the services of WORENCO INTERNATIONAL are exempted from office financial records and accounting of employment contracts concluded for a fixed period, because these activities are carried out by us in a professional, transparent and timely manner. Among WORENCO INTERNATIONAL and the beneficiary is entered into a contract for the supply of labor. Before the contract between the two partners employer-employee is signed, we endeavor to process and treat all preliminary steps to enable the conclusion of the individual employment contract.

We are pleased to work with the agency WORENCO INTERNATIONAL SRL for their seriousness, for their staff to avant-garde and the efficiency of services. With the system of temporary work we have facilitated more administrative steps, we have gained time and continue to work with the same system.